Why should you join the Lincolnshire Educational Trust?

Lincolnshire Educational Trust has five academies in the south east of Lincolnshire and there is great diversity between these academies. We have 11 to 19 and 11 to 16 secondary academies; we have a 290-place and a 58-place primary school and a 3 to 11 special school. Two of our academies are convertors and chose to join and two are sponsors schools. Thus we have experience of a range of schools and since joining we have had no criticisms from parents or staff on joining LET.


There are many reasons why you may wish to consider joining our Trust and perhaps the best way is to come and ask our staff and Principals, but below we have set out some areas for you to consider.

  • LET is underpinned by the University of Lincoln, with its strong governance and comprehensive expertise in the full range of services that we can draw on if needed. This gives us the background assurance in these challenging times.
  • LET is fundamentally committed to the original principles associated with the creation of academies which was to give Headteachers the freedoms to manage, so they can innovate and take genuine ownership of their academy, without a plethora of centrally imposed structures and processes, which are not necessary or appropriate for all academies in a trust.

  • LET has a clear mission and values. Anyone joining must be willing to work within these statements whilst retaining some flexibility and the ability to place different emphasis depending on their circumstances.

  • LET is totally committed to putting children first in its entire decision making, they are our key focus.

  • LET is very proud that it has a highly committed staff and in taking four academies into the Trust we have had no staff complaints.

  • LET is committed to ensuring low central costs so the maximum resources are spent on children and young persons’ learning and support.

  • LET does not top-slice your budget, it delegates the full budget and then charges academies for any central services; this means all central costs are explicit and there is total transparency in financial matters.

  • LET does not take any reserves from you and equally does not pay off your debits, doing this would create a poor precedent, our academies must demonstrate they are able to live within their means.
  • LET has very experienced Trustees who monitor carefully each academy at a strategic level and take an overview of the leadership and management of the Trust.

  • LET has a clearly defined role for local governors and welcome their involvement in monitoring and support their academy.
  • LET has an outstanding group of senior staff willing to share ideas and their expertise with other staff and academy chains. To save time and travel many of our senior staff meetings are carried out online.
  • LET has developed expertise in online teaching and learning and the creation of new ways of working is central to our philosophy.